Environmental Engineering and Science focuses on the sustainable use and preservation of natural resources and anthropogenic interactions in an increasingly urbanized world. Its goal is to help plan, functionally design, control, operate and manage municipal and industrial pollution-prevention systems.

The research also includes environmental systems management, monitoring, sensing, and visualization, water security, flood risk management, conflict resolution, river water quality modeling, groundwater modeling, solid and hazardous waste management, contamination remediation, climate change studies, and development of decision support systems and GIS-based applications. 

Related Research Groups: 

Silverman Labatory

The Silverman Laboratory is an Environmental Engineering lab, located at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, in Brooklyn, NY. Our research is focused on water quality, wastewater treatment, detection and control of waterborne pathogens, design of natural wastewater treatment systems (e.g., treatment ponds and constructed wetlands), and the safe reuse of human waste.

Silverman Labatory
NYS RISE (New York State Resilience Institute for Storms and Emergencies)

Established as a response to the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy smartly by the State of New York and to better prepare the state for future storms, as well as shelter, power, potable water, sanitation, communication, transportation, medical care, emergency response, the environment and their interdependencies.

Aerial storm photo

Resiliency Resource Center

The Resiliency Resource Center (R2C) is a clearinghouse of NYU generated research to improve the resilience of the regional built environment as well as our organizational resilience capacity.

Logo of the R2C Center