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Visit NYU CareerNet to find new job opportunities. There are more than 400 engineering companies currently aggregated, with more added monthly.

  • To conveniently locate new engineering and tech positions search Job ID#1043022 and Job ID#1113885 or the job title of "Engineering & Tech Openings at Various Companies". 
  • To locate Civil Engineering and Construction Management jobs search Job ID#1053859. 

Be sure to take advantage of NYU Tandon's Career Development resources.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many credits are needed to graduate from the Master of Science (M.S.) degree?
A minimum of 30 credits is required to graduate.
What is the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) to graduate?
Students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to graduate.
How many credits is each class worth?
Most regular classes are worth 3 credits. Some are worth 1.5 credits. Reading classes as well as project, thesis, and dissertation courses are variable credit. The credits will be posted in the course description for each course.
How many credits do students typically take per semester?
Students typically take 9 credits (generally three classes) per semester. Students may take as many as 12-15 credits per semester with the approval of the departmental graduate advisor. Note: New students may only take a maximum of 9 credits in their first semester.
How many credits are required to be full-time during a semester?
M.S. students must take at least 9 credits to be full-time.   However, in the final semester of study, students may take the balance of credits required for graduation.
Do I need to register for credits if I get an internship?
Domestic students do not need to register for an internship.
International students must register for one of the Principles of Professional Practice courses (0.5 Credit) to be eligible for the internship. See the Internship FAQs for more detailed information.
What do international students do if they do not have enough credits remaining to be full-time in their last semester?
Complete the Part-Time Enrollment Request Form.
How long does it take to graduate from the M.S. degree?
Most students will graduate in 1.5 to 2 years (3 to 4 semesters).
Can students take courses outside of the Civil and Urban Engineering Department?
Yes, students are allowed to take up to 6 credits outside of the department.  Check with the graduate adviser before signing up for any courses outside of the department, to make sure that they will count towards your degree requirements.  Note that courses offered by NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS) are not allowed.
May I repeat the same course for a better grade?
Yes. If an M.S. student repeats a course once, the highest grade will be counted in the GPA. If a course is repeated more than once, all subsequent grades will be included in the GPA. Note: regardless of how many times a course is repeated, it only counts once towards degree requirements.
Who do I contact regarding scholarships?
Pamela Martinetti
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Graduate Enrollment Management & Admissions Office
New York University
Tandon School of Engineering
6 MetroTech Center – Wunsch Hall
Brooklyn, New York 11201
T: 646-997-5929  F: 646-997-3624
Where can I get billing and payment due date information?
Visit: Billing methods and payment due dates
How is the GPA Computed? 
Multiply your grade-weight in each course by the number of credits for the course (typically 3).  Sum the result for all courses taken, and divide the total by the total number of credits taken.
What type of grading system is used for M.S. students?
Grade  Grade-Weight
A    4.0   Excellent
A    -3.7  Excellent
B+  3.3   Good
B    3.0   Good
B-   2.7   Good
C+  2.3   Deficient, but passing
C    2.0   Deficient, but passing
F    0.0   Failing
P    Pass (no GPA value)
S    Satisfactory
U   Unsatisfactory
W  Withdrawal
I    Incomplete, converts to F after 180 days
AUD Audit

Recommended Journal Publishers

There has been a growing concern in many academic disciplines about the rise of predatory, fake, and questionable journals and conferences.  Dissemination of new knowledge through publications is an important part of the research experience.  Questionable publishing venues prey on the desire for easy and quick publications, but in the long term they hurt one's reputation and standing in the academic community.  There are many reputable Journal publishers.  The following list of reputable publishers is commonly used by civil engineers, and is linked to here for student convenience:

In addition, the following publishers are of more general interest to the academic community (the list is incomplete by necessity):