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FRE Course Listings

FRE MS courses

The following is a list of every available FRE (graduate) and FIN (undergraduate) course. In planning your future selections, note that most courses are offered every semester, but some are Fall-only and others are Spring-only. This page has been reorganized to reflect this, which will help you plan your schedules better. Check the course schedule in Albert to verify which courses are offered in the semester you are registering for.

Please visit the NYU Tandon Bulletin for course descriptions.

You can download sample syllabi below for each course.

FRE-GY5010:  FRE Bootcamp I

FRE-GY5020: FRE Bootcamp II

FRE-GY5030: FRE Bootcamp III -- From Brain Teasers to Black-Scholes

FRE-GY5040: FRE Bootcamp IV -- Econometrics and Machine Learning with Python

Download the FRE Pre-Program Bootcamp Curricula

FRE-GY5500: Bloomberg Certification

FRE-GY5990: Capstone Assessment

⤓ FRE-GY5990 syllabus (Agnes Tourin)

FRE-GY6023: Financial Economics

⤓ FRE-GY6023 syllabus (Barry Blecherman)

⤓ FRE-GY6023 syllabus (Unurjargal Nyambuu)

FRE-GY6031: Money, Banking and Financial Markets

⤓ FRE-GY6031 syllabus (David C. Shimko)

FRE-GY6051: Insurance Finance & Actuarial Science

⤓ FRE-GY6051 syllabus (Brian R. Lessing)

FRE6073: Introduction to Derivative Securities

⤓ FRE-GY6073 syllabus (Ron Slivka)

⤓ FRE-GY6073 syllabus (Leon Tatevossian)

FRE-GY6083: Quantitative Methods in Finance

⤓ FRE-GY6083 Section I syllabus (Mirela Ivan)

⤓ FRE-GY6083 syllabus (Agnes Tourin)

⤓ FRE-GY6083 syllabus (Daniel H Totouom-Tangho)

FRE-GY6103: Valuation for Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6103 syllabus (David C. Shimko)

⤓ FRE-GY6103 syllabus (Brian R. Lessing)

⤓ FRE-GY6103 syllabus (Dan Gode)

FRE-GY6111: Investment Banking and Brokerage

FRE-GY6123: Financial Risk Management

⤓ FRE-GY6123 syllabus (James Adams)

⤓ FRE-GY6123 syllabus (Dan Rodriguez)

⤓ FRE-GY6123 syllabus (Jon Hill & Leon Tatevossian)

FRE-GY6141: Static and Dynamic Hedging

⤓ FRE-GY6123 syllabus (Leon Tatevossian & Chris Perez)

FRE-GY6153: Foundations of Financial Technology

⤓ FRE-GY6153 syllabus (Roy S. Freedman)

FRE-GY6191: Advanced Topics in Financial Technology

⤓ FRE-GY6191: Visualization Lab syllabus (Francisco Rubio)

FRE-GY6233: Option Pricing and Stochastic Calculus

⤓ FRE-GY6233 syllabus (Agnes Tourin)

⤓ FRE-GY6233 syllabus (Keith Lewis)


⤓ FRE-GY6251 syllabus (Edward Weinberger)

FRE-GY6331: Financial Risk Management and Optimization

⤓ FRE-GY6331 syllabus (Daniel H. Totouom-Tangho)

FRE-GY6351: Econometrics and Time Series Analysis

⤓ FRE-GY6351 syllabus (David Rios)

FRE-GY6361: Corporate and Financial Strategy

FRE-GY6391: Mergers & Acquisitions

⤓ FRE-GY6391 syllabus (Thomas Philips and George Varughese)

⤓ FRE-GY6391 syllabus (Vikram Kuriyan and George Varughese)

FRE-GY6411: Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives

⤓ FRE-GY6411 syllabus (Sassan Alizadeh)

⤓ FRE-GY6411 syllabus (Steve Mandel)

FRE-GY6491: Credit Risk & Financial Risk Management

⤓ FRE-GY6491 syllabus (Frederic Siboulet)

FRE-GY6571: Asset-backed Securities and Securitization

⤓ FRE-GY6571 syllabus (Steve Mandel)

FRE-GY6671: Global Finance

⤓ FRE-GY6671 syllabus (Unurjargal Nyambuu)

FRE-GY6711: Quantitative Portfolio Management

⤓ FRE-GY6711 syllabus (Papa Momar Ndiaye)

FRE-GY6713: Advanced Portfolio

⤓ FRE-GY6713 syllabus (Papa Momar Ndiaye)

⤓ FRE-GY6713 syllabus (Thomas Philips)

FRE-GY6803: Financial Engineering (research course)


⤓ FRE-GY6831 syllabus (Edward Weinberger)

FRE-GY6861: Financial Software Engineering Laboratory

⤓ FRE-GY6861 syllabus (Serge Feldman)

FRE-GY6871: R in Finance

⤓ FRE-GY6871: R in Finance syllabus (Jerzy Pawlowski)

⤓ FRE-GY6871: R Advanced Tools for Data Science syllabus (Jason Yarmish)

FRE-GY6883: Financial Computing

⤓ FRE-GY6883 syllabus (Song Tang)

FRE-GY6901: Selected Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6901: Fixed Income Algorithmic Trading syllabus (Sudeep K. Lahiri)

FRE-GY6911: Financial Regulation

FRE-GY6921: Selected Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6921: Alternative Investments syllabus (Kosrow Dehnad)

⤓ FRE-GY6921: Commodities: Markets and Derivatives (Robert Benhenni)

FRE-GY6931: Selected Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6931: Cryptocurrencies syllabus (Agnes Tourin)

⤓ FRE-GY6931: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (Richard Radnay)

FRE-GY6941: Special Topics in Applied Credit Derivatives & Securitization

FRE-GY6951: Selected Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6951: GPU syllabus (Louis Scott)

⤓ FRE-GY6951: Sustainable Investments syllabus (Bruno Kamdem)

FRE-GY6971: Selected Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6971: Fixed Income Quantitative Trading syllabus (Edith Mandel)

FRE-GY6981: Selected Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6981: Fintech: Blockchain and Crypto syllabus (Frederic Siboulet)

FRE-GY6991: Selected Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY6991: Advanced Topics in Portfolio Management syllabus

FRE-GY7003: Financial Accounting and Analysis

⤓ FRE-GY7003 syllabus (Ingrid Marshall)

FRE-GY7021: Financial Engineering Capstone: Internship

⤓ FRE-GY7021 syllabus (Agnes Tourin)

FRE-GY7043: Financial Engineering Capstone: Project

⤓ FRE-GY7043 syllabus (Agnes Tourin)

⤓ FRE-GY7043 syllabus (Ron Slivka)

FRE-GY7121: Statistical Arbitrage

⤓ FRE-GY7121 syllabus (Daniel H Totouom-Tangho)

FRE-GY7241: Algorithmic Portfolio Management

⤓ FRE-GY7241 syllabus (Jerzy Pawlowski)

FRE-GY7251: Algorithmic Trading and High Frequency Finance

⤓ FRE-GY7251 syllabus (Roy S. Freedman)

⤓ FRE-GY7251 syllabus (Alec Schmidt)

FRE-GY7773: Machine Learning in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY7773 syllabus (Ken Perry)

⤓ FRE-GY7773 syllabus (Rajesh Tembarai Krishnamachari)

⤓ FRE-GY7773 syllabus (Sebastien Donadio)

⤓ FRE-GY7773 syllabus (Sandeep Jain)

⤓ FRE-GY7773 syllabus (Derek Snow)

⤓ FRE-GY7773 syllabus (Amine Mohamed Aboussalah)

FRE-GY7801: Topics in Finance and Financial Markets I

⤓ FRE-GY7801: Model Risk Management – A Case Study Based Approach syllabus (Naresh Malhotra)

FRE-GY7811: Topics in Finance and Financial Markets 2

⤓ FRE-GY7811: Practical Introduction to Quantitative Equity Trading syllabus (Enest Baver)

⤓ FRE-GY7811: Value Investing, a Modern Approach syllabus (Kosrow Dehnad)

FRE-GY7821: Topics in Risk Finance I

FRE-GY7831: Topics in Financial and Risk Engineering I

⤓ FRE-GY7831: Financial Analytics & Big Data syllabus (Song Tang)

FRE-GY7841: Topics in Risk Finance I

⤓ FRE-GY7841: Risk Preference and Portfolio Selection syllabus (Ken Winston)

⤓ FRE-GY7841: Hedge Fund Strategies syllabus (James Conklin)

FRE-GY7851: Topics in Financial and Risk Engineering II

⤓ FRE-GY7851: Interest Rates Derivatives and Risk Management syllabus (Frederic Siboulet)

⤓ FRE-GY7851: Interest Rate Derivatives syllabus (Yanwen Shang)

⤓ FRE-GY7851: Real Estate Risk syllabus (Arka Bandyopadhyay)

FRE-GY7871: Topics in Financial Information Services and Technology

⤓ FRE-GY7871: Advanced Topics in Deep Learning (Ken Perry)

FRE-GY9733: Special Topics in Financial Engineering

⤓ FRE-GY9733: Big Data in Financial Engineering syllabus (Tyler Ward and Ken Zhang)

FRE-GY9743: Special Topics in Risk Management

⤓ FRE-GY9743: Markov Processes in Finance syllabus (Kevin Atteson)

⤓ FRE-GY9743: Mathematics for Machine Learning syllabus (Kevin Atteson)

⤓ FRE-GY9743: Climate Change Risk syllabus (Naresh Malhotra)

FRE-GY9973: MS Thesis in Finance & Risk Engineering

Fall-Only Courses

Spring-Only Courses

The following courses are only available during the Spring semesters.


FRE-GY6091: Financial Econometrics

⤓ FRE-GY6091 syllabus (David Rios)

FRE-GY6131: Clearing and Settlement and Operational Risk

⤓ FRE-GY6131 syllabus (Roy S. Freedman)

FRE-GY6273: Corporate Valuation: From Startups to Giants

⤓ FRE-GY6273 syllabus (Thomas Philips)

FRE-GY7211: Forensic Financial Technology and Regulatory Systems

⤓ FRE-GY7211 syllabus (Roy S. Freedman)

FRE-GY7801: Topics in Finance and Financial Markets I

⤓ FRE-GY7801: Real-Time Trading Risk Management syllabus (Naresh Malhotra)

FRE-GY7831: Topics in Financial and Risk Engineering I

⤓ FRE-GY7831: Modern Equity Trading Strategies syllabus (Alec Schmidt)

FRE-GY7871: Topics in Financial Information Services and Technologies

⤓ FRE-GY7871: Advanced Machine Learning in Finance syllabus (Tore Opsahl)

Minor in Finance

FIN-UY2003: Economic Foundations of Finance

⤓ FIN-UY2003 syllabus (Unurjargal Nyambuu)

⤓ FIN-UY2003 syllabus (Barry Blecherman)

FIN-UY2103: Creating and Understanding Financial Statements

⤓ FIN-UY2003 syllabus (Ingrid Marshall)

FIN-UY2203: Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

⤓ FIN-UY2203 syllabus (Bruno Kamdem)

⤓ FIN-UY2203 syllabus (Unurjargal Nyambuu)

FIN-UY3213: Financial Management and Risk Engineering

FIN-UY3233: Derivatives and the Options Market

⤓ FIN-UY3233 syllabus (Leon Tatevossian)

FIN-UY3403: Entrepreneurship and Financial Management

⤓ FIN-UY3403 syllabus (Leon Tatevossian)

FIN-UY3503: Financial Risk Modeling & Analytics

⤓ FIN-UY3503 syllabus (Arka Bandyopadhyay)

FIN-UY4903: Special Topics in Finance and Risk Engineering

⤓ FIN-UY4903 Invest Banking/Private Equity syllabus (Ashish Kohli)

⤓ FIN-UY4903: Financial Risk Pricing and Risk Management syllabus (Mirela Ivan)

⤓ FIN-UY4903: Machine Learning in Financial Engineering (Derek Snow)

⤓ FIN-UY4903: Climate Risk (Maercus Cree)