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Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, M.S.

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Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship

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Analysts predict biotechnology will be one of the most important applied sciences in the 21st century. Every day seems to welcome yet another important advancement in the field and, with each development, a chance to grow a business.

Individuals who want take advantage of those advancements are invited to apply to the School of Engineering's master's in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship program. We arm them with the skills to develop innovative products; they take those tools and launch high-tech businesses.

To enhance relevant skills students who are interested in doing an internship in industry, e.g. a pharmaceutical company or a biotech start-up, should register for a Project course (elective). Biotechnology master's students can take Project courses too. To learn more about these opportunities see what our students say below.

Subject to advisor’s approval students can also take an elective course at other Schools within NYU. For example, Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship students can select a course at NYU Stern School of Business.

What Our Students Say


Admission Requirements

You should have an undergraduate degree in a science or engineering discipline and must have taken undergraduate courses in biochemistry and cell and molecular biology.

Find out more about Admission Requirements.


The 30-credit curriculum of this program comprises 3 parts:

  1. 4 required courses offering a broad overview of cutting-edge areas of biotechnology: biocatalysis and biomaterials, biotechnology and health care, biosensors and biochips, biotechnology, and the pharmaceuticals industry (12 credits)
  2. 1 required and a wide choice of elective 1.5- and 3-credit courses on technology innovation, intellectual-property management, finances, marketing, business-plan preparation, and fund-raising (12 credits)
  3. 2 more electives up to 6 credits or an optional project involving either technology-competition analysis and business-plan preparation or a placement in an early-stage start-up company (6 credits)

To meet graduation requirements, students must attain an overall GPA of 3.0 (average of a B) in all their courses and at least a B- in each of the required courses. Students also must take at least 15, but no more than 20, credits of Biotechnology or related courses, including 4 required Biotech courses, listed below.

Compare to Biotechnology, M.S.

Biotechnology, M.S.

The program aims to advance students’ knowledge beyond the BS level and equip them with the skills needed in the rapidly evolving environment of life sciences-based industries. Suitable for students who plan to pursue carriers in industrial and/or academic research.

Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, M.S.

The program is designed to provide students with a broad coverage of key areas of modern biotechnology and a basic understanding of business and finance issues. Suitable for students who are interested in early stage technology companies and/or aspire to start.


Biotechnology, MS

Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, MS

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Required Required
Biotechnology and Health Care Required Required
Biosensors and Biochips Required Required
Biomedical Materials and Devices Elective Elective
Protein Engineering Required Elective
Tissue Engineering Elective Elective
Biocatalysis in Industry Required Required
Neuroscience Elective Elective
Immunology: Concepts, Mechanisms and Applications Elective Elective
Genetic Engineering (with labs) Elective Elective
Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology (with labs) Elective Elective
Biomedical Materials and Devices Elective Elective
Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation Not offered Required
A Guided Study or Project in Biotechnology Elective Elective

Other electives are available for both programs.

With advisor’s permission students can take courses at other Schools of NYU.