Program Advantages | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Program Advantages

Scholars get access to exclusive opportunities that only a school in a dynamic urban tech hub backed by a global network university can provide — problem-based thinking, experiential learning, team collaboration, and cross-cultural perspective combined with professional coaching, networking, and internships.

Special Opportunities

Each student will have up to $10,000 to use each academic year toward tuition & fees for a summer or J-term course or additional credits over 18 in the fall and spring semesters; on-campus housing if they take part in the Tandon Summer Research Program; travel, hotel, and registration fees for conferences; travel, housing, and meal plan for study away opportunities, including the required spring semester abroad in sophomore year.

  • Job search and career assistance provided on an group basis to cohorts.

  • Networking events with alumni or Tandon Board members. 

  • Priority access for some internships/leadership opportunities.

  • Priority for nomination to NYU’s Leadership Honors Course, which convenes students from across NYU’s numerous undergraduate schools.

  • Seminars focused on building leadership, professional development, and project management skills.

  • Support for research/design/innovation projects focused on the NYU Tandon Areas of Excellence.

  • REQUIRED semester abroad in the spring of sophomore year. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Students may select a study away site from a variety of locations within NYU’s global network, which includes the portal campuses (Abu Dhabi, Shanghai) and twelve global academic centers and the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3). Please see Study Abroad at Tandon for more details.

  • NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London, in particular, offer a number of courses that meet the academic needs for many Tandon students.

  • A variety of special cohort-building social and cultural activities as well as service projects

  • Over time, participation in a GLASS alumni network that comes together for ongoing professional and social activities and opportunities.

GLASS Cohort Seminar Course

GLASS students are required to enroll in a 0-credit GLASS cohort seminar each semester. Each seminar will focus on the 5 GLASS Windows. Some specific topics for each year are below:

  • Sophomore year:

    • An introduction to GLASS and NYU Tandon Areas of Excellence.

    • Preparation for the study away semester in the spring semester.

    • A focus on building professional development and leadership skills and reflecting on the study away experience.

  • Junior year:

    • A focus on clarifying career goals and areas of interest within the NYU Tandon Areas of Excellence.

    • Professional development workshops and connection to opportunities for building your GLASS portfolio.

  • Senior year:

    • Completion of GLASS final deliverables, including a portfolio showcasing the ways students fulfilled the competencies of the 5 GLASS Windows during their time in the program.

Study Away Semester

GLASS students are REQUIRED to study away in the spring semester of sophomore year. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Students may choose from a variety of study away programs around the world. NYU’s global network includes the portal campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, as well as twelve global academic centers. The Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3) offers study away opportunities at partner institutions with strengths in science and engineering. Please see Study Abroad at Tandon for more information.

Featured Study Away Sites

NYU Abu Dhabi

The semester in Abu Dhabi will give students an opportunity to learn about their selected research areas and their global impact in a more hands-on way via the Engineers for Social Impact program,the AD Visiting Student Undergraduate Research Program(if the student is accepted), and possible internship opportunities. In addition, students would have an immersive multicultural experience during their AD semester, which will develop their understanding of the global or cross-cultural implications of their chosen research area and of the importance of designing context-specific solutions.

NYU London

NYU London offers a pathway for Tandon students to study away at this location in the spring semester of sophomore year and to stay on track with their Tandon degree requirements. Please see Pathways at NYU London for further details.