Interested in pursuing a career in health-related professions? Get involved with prehealth.

At NYU, prehealth is not a major but a track or an interest. Any student pursuing any major can be interested in health-related professions. If you are interested in health fields, prehealth at NYU Tandon can guide you in the right direction.

Prehealth Portal/Listserve

Access your personal Prehealth Portal by logging in with your N number and password. If you don't know what your password is, email If you know your password but want to reset it, you can do so via your Tandon Prehealth Profile. If you cannot login, fill out the appropriate form below:

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Go Global

International experiences for prehealth students

Application Process

Tandon specializes in advising on medical and dental applications. We can assist with all others to a certain extent.

Tandon Prehealth Committee

The Tandon Prehealth Committee provides information, guidance, and opportunities for students interested in going to medical school, dental school, nursing school, graduate school for public health and other health-related majors, and the like.


Chair & Prehealth Adviser: Sara-Lee Ramsawak

Kat Arredondo
John Cardillo
Thorsten Kirsch
John Ross Rizzo
Alexandra Seidenstein
Richard Stein

Prehealth Graduate Assistant:
Emilie S. Tumale

Prehealth Student Ambassador:
Akash Nagapurkar (
Akash Nagapurkar is a senior at Tandon majoring in Biomolecular Sciences and minoring in Integrated Design and Media. He's also pre-med and is currently applying to medical school. In his free time, he likes binging movies, TV, and stand up comedy, learning new sports, and sleeping (a top tier activity fr). He's also the creator of "Big Brain Time", a science comedy YouTube series. As Tandon's Pre-Health Student Ambassador, he hopes to share his experiences of applying to medical school through Tandon's Pre-Health Committee with other pre-health students so they can create the best application for their career goals. He is a resource for every Pre-Health student, grad or undergrad, so feel free to book an appointment with him to discuss your health experiences, goals, applications, or if you just want to chat.

Email Akash to schedule an appointment!