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Additional Global Academic Opportunities



Tandon is offering a new Certificate in Global Engineering and Technology for students from all Tandon majors. Participating in global study away is the main requirement of the certificate program. 


  1. Participate in Global Study Away program (semester, year, short-term)
  2. Complete 1 course tied to global engineering, science and technology (see list below). Course may be completed at any time during undergraduate degree.
  3. Complete at least 2 of the following global activities within 1 year of global study away:
  • international internship
  • international research experience
  • international real world project
  • international alternative spring break
  • participation in formal activity to share information about global study away with other Tandon students
  • other (must be preapproved by Tandon Global)

Course Requirement Information

This course should be:

  • global (multi-country) or comparative in perspective

  • related to science, engineering, or technology or to Tandon majors in related fields

  • completed at global site, at Tandon, or at another school of NYU. This course does not have to be completed during study away but certainly can be.

Course Examples

Humanities and social sciences “global” courses

Courses below also meet the Tandon Humanities and Social Science requirement

Tandon Department of Technology, Culture and Society

  • STS-UY 2134 Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society in China and India
  • STS-UY 3904 Critical Global Health
  • URB-UY 3214 Cities in Developing Countries
  • New course: Global Approaches to Sustainable Urban Environments

College of Arts and Science

  • BUSN1-UC 377 Sustainable Developments in Emerging Economies
  • ENVST-UA 415 Environmental History of the Early Modern World
  • ENVST-UA 460 European Environmental Policy
  • HIST-UA 135 Science and Society in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST-UA 202 The History of Western Medicine
  • SCA-UA 166 The Postcolonial City
  • SCA-UA 602 Cities in a Global Context

Global Public Health

  • UGPH-GU 10 Health and Society in a Global Context
  • UGPH-GU 40 Health Policy in a Global World
  • UGPH-GU 50 Environmental Health in a Global World
  • UGPH-GU 293 Global Medicine and Disease: The Challenges We Face

Other “global” courses (not humanities and social sciences)

Courses below do NOT meet the Tandon Humanities and Social Science requirement

Tandon Department of Technology, Management, and Innovation

-MG-UY 4504 Global Perspectives on Technology Management: A Capstone Project Course

Additional courses may be considered by petition to meet this certificate requirement. Kris Day will evaluate courses for meeting the global course requirement. Professor Jean Gallagher within the TCS department evaluates courses for meeting the Humanities and Social Sciences requirement.


Tandon Global


Certificate Application

March 1st of each year (for spring and summer graduates)
October 1st of each year (for fall and winter graduates)