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About NYU NanoFab

NYU NanoFab supports multi-disciplinary research and education in the areas of fabrication, imaging, and characterization of nanoscale structures, and at the intersection of applied physics, engineering, and materials science.

person dressed in cleanroom garb conducting research


Located on the 8th floor of Rodgers Hall (5 MetroTech), the Nanofabrication Facility comprises over 2,000 square feet of class 100 and 1,000 cleanroom space, with a host of advanced tools spanning the areas of lithography, etch, deposition, and metrology. 

We offer training and access to equipment on a fee-for-service basis to academic researchers from NYU and other institutions, as well as to industry researchers who may not have the resources to equip a comprehensive lab of this scope. 

Our highly trained technical staff can provide advice on existing processes and collaborate on the development of new processes, opening the door to a vast array of innovative materials and devices. 

The facility is also capable of supporting select remote processing services.