Boris Nimcevic

  • Electronics Engineer

When I was fourteen years old, I saw my neighbor working on electronics in his garage. I was really impressed by the possibilities of electronics and since then I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I started dreaming about the best engineering schools and my path led me to Tandon.

During my days at NYU Tandon, there were several things I really liked. First, it was the people that came from around the world. Getting to know all the different cultures helped me form a better picture of the world and motivated me to do things that really matter. Second, Tandon has a positive competition among students, which pushed me beyond my comfort zones and made me perform at a higher level and achieve many things that I would not have without the Tandon energy.

I currently work at Spin Master Inc, the fastest growing toy company in the world. I am an electronics engineer, and my primary focus is to design electronics and write firmware for complex toys. This usually includes, but is not limited to, robotics and remotely controlled toys. I love the toy industry because it is very fast-paced. From an idea to a toy in the stores is about ten months. Product development season also gives me the opportunity to develop my management and negotiating skills, learn about marketing and finance, and other essential functions of running a successful business.

School can be very tough at times, but the knowledge you are gaining right now will put you in the driver’s seat of tomorrow’s innovation. Electrical and Computer Engineering are the best fields in the world. So, keep your mind open for opportunities because almost every product and service around you had an engineer design it, and soon that engineer will be you.