Boubacar Diallo

Boubacar Diallo is a Senior Associate M&A Banker and Data Scientist at Citi in the Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory division where he helps advise clients on sophisticated and highly strategic transactions using advanced mathematical and computational modeling on broad datasets.

Boubacar grew up in Guinea West Africa before moving to the United States in 2009. After earning both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Civil & Structural Engineering and a couple of internships he decided to make a career change and return to his lifelong interest in applying mathematical methods using the power of computing to solve business problems. 

After multiple admissions and Scholarships in many Universities, Boubacar joined NYU because of the depth and breadth of both the academic offerings as well as the expertise of the faculty, and of course the location of the program. At NYU, Boubacar leveraged all that the department has to offer from the broadest set of classes to the career center, to the alumni network and the guest speaker lecture series that were all invaluable. While doing well in classes is a requirement to both graduate but also to succeed professionally, he found even more value in the discussions in classes about concepts and how they apply in practice, how to think about the practical limitations of the theoretical methods discussed in class (e.g Professor Taleb’s discussion of the wide use of standard deviation as a proxy for risk in Finance), discussions with world-class faculty all have unlimited value and best prepared him to succeed. In fact, some of the same ideas are discussed in training programs offered by the banks.

Outside of class, Boubacar was the president of the Finance Club through which he made a lot of industry connections and helped build a bridge to the industry for FRE students through academic competitions and recruiting events on campus. He, along with other FRE students participated and won prizes in some national academic competitions.

Boubacar interned at Goldman Sachs and worked there full-time for two and a half years working in multiple divisions spanning Engineering, Risk, and Operations in data science and engineering roles. There he was responsible for helping to re-engineer processes to remove inefficiencies and reduce the risk for the bank. In the Risk Division, he was responsible for helping design a firm-wide reporting strategy for risk-managed by the Enterprise Risk Committee.  

Boubacar is passionate about community service and participates in many events to serve the local community. He also loves sports, music, and the outdoors.

Boubacar can be reached at for the FRE community.