Jasmin Singh

  • Product Engineer

Jasmin Singh

I graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and currently work as a Product Engineer in Radar Engineering at Honeywell. In this position, I support radar systems for the Kansas City National Security Campus of the Department of Energy. This job involves both design and manufacturing.

Radar technology is used in many industries (e.g., defense, aerospace, and mobile communications) and provides many opportunities to engineers. A great thing about working in radar engineering is that it spans almost the whole spectrum of Electrical Engineering, from microelectronics to radio-frequency design. Moreover, radar engineering as a field is evolving: many new engineers are needed to improve and transform the systems in use today.

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offers students a multitude of career paths to follow. An ECE background holds great value to employers. It can also give you the background to develop your own company or product.

A great thing about NYU Tandon is that it fosters creativity and innovation. Being a creator, someone who can think outside-the-box, is necessary for new graduates entering the competitive workforce. I believe new graduates have the power to transform the current status of technology into what we dream the future to be. Tandon promotes this perspective. For example, the MakerSpace gives students a place and the resources to create something new, to practice and study concepts from classes, and to collaborate with fellow students.

At NYU Tandon I have learned it is important to be bold. Let your ideas and thoughts be known. There are many professors, staff, and classmates who can help you succeed. I encourage students to take up as many opportunities to learn as possible: seminars and talks, company tours, club activities, and career fairs. Be persistent.

Another great thing about Tandon is the added benefit of the NYU community and New York City which broadens your world beyond engineering. Keep an eye out for classes you might want to take. Maybe learn the violin like me! The incubator in DUMBO and the technology and finance companies in NYC provide great opportunities. I have greatly benefitted from being a student in the ECE Department at NYU Tandon, and I hope you will too.