Mahmoud “AG” Abugharbieh

  • Software Engineer, Wells Fargo

Thanks to the leadership and commitment he displayed during his student days, Mahmoud Abugharbieh, known around campus as AG, received the 2017 President’s Service Award. He garnered the well-deserved honor in large part because of his diligent efforts to bridge the gap between the Brooklyn campus and NYU at the Square.

The computer science whiz served as both the Undergraduate Student Council President and the Vice Chair for the University Committee on Student Life of NYU's Student Government, where he advocated for NYU Tandon students within the greater NYU community and even brought the Open Student Government meeting to Brooklyn for the first time. An organizer for the global HackNYU hackathon, Abugharbieh also lent his voice to various campus initiatives, sitting on the Being@NYU diversity and inclusion committee, as well as one focused on advancing technological improvements to the campus.

Now embarking on a software engineering career, he is sure to be as dynamic and valued in the professional world as he was at his alma mater.