Shreya Gossain

I chose Tandon’s FRE program because its flexible curriculum gave me the liberty to choose courses that align with my goals. Little did I know that the program has so much more to offer. Owing to the incredible reputation of the program, I had the opportunity of working on a research project with the Chief Investment Officer of Quadratic Capital and adding value to the corporate world even while I was a student. A few weeks into the program, I found out about the incredible career services offered specifically to FRE students. The rigorous curriculum and the career services helped me land a Summer Internship with Barclays Investment Bank which eventually led to a full-time offer. NYU Tandon gave me more than I hoped for – it recognized my potential and nurtured it. I was the first elected female President of Tandon’s Graduate Student Council where I worked closely with the Dean’s Office to enhance the graduate student experience of my peers. I was supported by the FRE Department at every step of the way – be it for classes, preparing for interviews, or honing my leadership skills. During the course of the program, I had the opportunity to learn from brilliant professors, get insights from industry professionals, and work on rigorous projects. I came to NYU Tandon with big dreams and a willingness to learn and I walk out ready as I can to join the exciting world of Wall Street!