Francis (Frank) X Apicella ,

  • Adjunct Faculty

Francis X Apicella

While still an undergraduate at the College of the Holy Cross, Pr. Apicella interned at the Factoring and Finance division of Chemical Bank.

Upon completing undergraduate studies he entered the Finance training program at Irving Trust Company (now part of Bank of New York). After several years in the international finance section at Irving Trust, Professor Apicella joined Bankers Trust and worked in the international finance department until completion of his MBA at the NYU Stern School of Business. Subsequently he worked as an international investment banker specializing in complex corporate structured finance deals in the Latin America region. 

Professor Apicella later filled the role as President and Principal owner of a computer graphic design and marketing firm. After sellling his firm he moved on to help pioneer the automation of financial reporting and compliance functions for the investment company community.

He now serves as President of Valunomics, LLC, providing consulting services for automation, marketing, corporate strategic direction, structured financing, as well as M&A transactions / firm valuation.

New York University, 1986

Master of Business Administration, Finance

College of the Holy Cross

BA, Economics