Shrutivandana Sharma

  • Industry Associate Professor



Shrutivandana Sharma is an Industry Associate Professor in the Department of Technology Management and Innovation (TMI) at New York University. Prior to joining TMI, she was an Assistant Professor and one of the founding faculty members at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. There, she led curriculum development for the operations management/analytics track with a focus on industry projects, and mentored students on a variety of projects from service/logistics/manufacturing companies such as Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy, Car Club, BlueSG, SingHealth, Changi General Hospital, RedMart, ACE Manpower, CPF, DBS, Changi Airport Group, PSA, DB Schenker, YCH,  SMRT, Google, Infineon, HP. 

Her research interests are at the intersection of operations research, data analytics, and behavioral/mathematical economics, with particular interest in healthcare delivery and incentive design for tiered and multi-channel healthcare systems. She uses diverse methodologies in her research including Markov decision processes, queueing games, discrete choice experiment/modeling, and incentive/mechanism design. She holds multiple patents and has been the recipient of competitive research grants including MIT-SUTD International Design Center grant and Singapore Ministry of Education’s (MOE) AcRF Tier-2 grant.

She received Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and pursued postdoctoral research at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. She also worked as a Scientist at Yahoo! Labs and served as Visiting Academician at Changi General Hospital, Singapore.

Research Interests
Application areas: Healthcare delivery and incentive design for tiered and multi-channel healthcare systems, Service Operations, Inventory Management Methodologies: Data Analytics, Markov Decision Processes, Queueing Games, Discrete Choice Experiment/Modeling, Incentive/Mechanism design