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Research Community

at NYU NanoFab

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NYU Tandon has always encouraged breaking down silos and working across departments, and NYU NanoFab encourages that same spirit of cross-disciplinary collaboration for the advancement of science. The shared-user facility supports both academic and industry users with diverse backgrounds and research interests, and is currently actively used by researchers across departments. All are welcome to reach out, whether you are internal or external to the NYU community, to see if and how the NYU Nanofab can help advance your project.

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Workforce Development

Dr. Andre Taylor

The Fall 2023 class on “Distributed renewable energy access systems” (CBE-GY 9413) lead by Dr. Andre Taylor learns about the different tools and areas of specialization the NYU Nanofab Facility has to offer. We hope to host these bright minds in the future to apply their knowledge in this course that examines the transformative strategies that can be implemented to drive change in the field of sustainable energy to their research.

Professor Taylor's Graduate class (CBE-GY 9413)

Dr. Elisa Riedo

The Fall 2023 class on “Nanoscale Properties & Characterization of Nanomaterials” (CBE-GY 9413 section A) lead by teaching assistants Nitika Parashar and Souhardya Bera gain an insight into the tools that they have learned about in this course which covers the basics of quantum mechanics, nano-characterization techniques like X-Rays, electron microscopy, TEM, SEM and AFM among others and introduces nanofabrication techniques such as Lithography, Deposition and etching.

Prof Riedo's graduate class (CBE-GY 9413 section A)