Fabiha Chowdhury

  • B.S. in Biomolecular Science


Global Challenge: Health

I strive for personal change, as well as change in the lives of others. I want to be able to make a contribution in the context of the Tandon Areas of Excellence, as well as learn what it takes to be not a leader, but a true Global Leader.


I am currently a sophomore at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and I have resided in Queens, New York throughout my life. I am currently pursuing a degree in Biomolecular Science because of my interest in biology and with the intention of applying to dental school. I have always been interested in dentistry, and I frequently shadow at a local dental office. This hands-on exposure not only enriches my understanding of healthcare and dentistry, but also fuels my commitment to contribute towards making healthcare more accessible and cost-effective in the future.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Despite being a lifelong resident of New York City, I love to seek out new locations and activities in the city. I also like listening to music, reading, and traveling. I hope to continue broadening my horizons and trying out new experiences whenever I can at Tandon.